The ELB400 , your best friend for a trip to Indonesia

Elinchrom’s philosophy is to manufacture equipment that corresponds to each photographer’s needs. This makes Elinchrom’s equipment very user-friendly and reliable.


For this on-location shoot, I used the ELB 400, a strong, robust and portable battery pack. I went to Sulawesi, in Indonesia to shoot portraits and different cultural sceneries.

My light shapers are the Rotalux softbox Octa 135, the Portalite Square, the reflectors included in the To Go set, and the EL-Skyport Plus HS transmitter.

I need an equipment that is strong, reliable, small, lightweight and weather resistant, and that is why I choose the ELB 400 pack.To carry everything i use a F-Stup Tilopa. My flash and FujiFilm equipment fits in Perfect. 

A Street scene in Bajo village – ELB 400 and Portalite

The Experience

After a few days trying to adjust to the local temperature and overcome jet lag, I was ready to visit Kendari, the East area of the Island. It is a very traditional region with no tourists, no accommodations, no restaurants, and where nobody spoke English. My goal there was to photograph the local Bajo tribe and get a sense of their lives and traditions. The local community lives in small wooden houses. It was very exiting to photograph such places. I took my Portalite Square with me for the photo shoot. Making pictures with flash inside definitely helped bringing up colour and contrast. To obtain a soft light, I added a diffuser within the softbox.

Cooking Longtong in the morning

Simple flash setup for dramatic lightning

The advantages of flash

n Indonesia, sunrise and sunset only take half an hour. The light can quickly become hard, so you’ll need an artificial light to fight against the high contrast and color bleeding.

Boring sky, no problem, with flash it gets dramtic

We organised another shoot in traditional clothing. I wanted to showcase the beauty of landscape with the model featured in a costumed dress. I used the flash to underexpose the background and obtain more contrast and colour in the sky. I’m very fond of this set up, with a wide angle lens.

During my trip, I was able to make almost every kind of picture possible. The ELB is such a compact and small unit, that it was very convenient during this trip.

Working in the Tropics

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