Working on the Beach

Workhorse ELB400 on the beach

Professional portable flash gear gives you the opportunity to get of the beaten path, and creativity has no limitations.

Combine daylight with flashlight

When you talk about flashlights, most people think of a photo studio or a system flasher, but there are several possibilities for using flashlights. Some photographers always use flashlights to generate more contrast in the photo. Though, by using a portable flash-system run on batteries you can take photos everywhere by combining daylight with flashlight. You need a special technique to induce flashlights and as soon as you have mastered this technique the most beautiful pictures will appear. During the Summer you would think of beaches with lovely tanned models standing in the rays of a setting sun. But, what if, at the end of the day the sun disappears behind a clouded sky?  You would have to come up with a creative solution. Our model Zoey was posing on the beach when the sun crept behind the clouds. The model still can be prominently featured between shades and lights by using: a Ranger Quadra equipped with a Photoflex Medium OctoDome

The Experience

We shot the photo of Zoey in a field with the existing daylight together with a Litepanel reflection screen. The reflection screen generates more light on the featuring shadows of the model to brighten up the shadows. The disadvantage of a shot like this is that the lovely sky disappears because the lighting is set on the model. So, by using an external light source the model is more prominent and it doesn’t affect the background setting.

For the proper light adjustment of the background scenery we used a light-measuring tool, (i.e. Gossen Digisky). We set it up at 1/125 sec by a f/8 and did so with the flashlight intensity. By doing so the lighting is balanced out and the background scenery as well as the model get the right light setting as you can see in the example.

Ambient light technics 

To make a more impressive sky scenery you need to set the background scenery (sky) darker by 2 stops underexposed versus the subject (model). The lighting is set for 1/125 sec by a f16. The flashlight needs to be set 2 stops lesser than the background for this purpose. This difference in settings will produce a dramatic sky. Also, in order to generate this you have to choose the right place to put the softboxes, not too much in the front, otherwise you will see light patches, that will do justice to your picture. Excercise this technique in a serene and familiar surrounding. When you have mastered this way of light setting you can apply this everywhere.
We used the same kind of techniques to enhance Zoey’s features, but then set in a position on the beach with a setting sun. The processing of all the necessary steps to accomplish this kind of screenshot should be talked through with your model and the rest of your team, so nothing can go wrong.
The lighting set-up is easy with a model and only one single flash; when the model poses along the seaside with a setting sun. In the picture you can see the mua Desiree Klink Logeman holding the tripod with the flashlight. After measuring and setting up the lighting, the photo shot can be taken.So, do not forget to put 2 stops underexposure of the sky.

Boring sky, no problem, with high-sync flash it gets dramtic

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