riders and staff shoot

Assignment 45 riders and 48 staff members in 2 days

A two day shoot during a team meeting at the headquarters of Sunweb in Deventer. Each rider needed 8 different poses and the staff member 3. That makes a total of 504 pictures in two day. 


The Woman’s team

Every individual team member need his own pictures, for the press, advertisement, leaderboard, organisations, fans etc.

I only had two day’s to do this job. With the right gear like the ELC1000 from Elinchrom. Fast recycle times for the flash are a must, i had only 5 minutes per athlete and i can tell you thats not much. So your camera and gear need to be reliable. As photographer i work with different brands of camera, but only one brand of flash equipment. 

Relax, and wait for the flash

    The winner takes it all.

      We during this trip.

        Team Sunweb riders shoots

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