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The best bicycle Team Sunweb photographed with Elinchrom Litemotiv

Elinchrom’s Litemotiv is the perfect solution for making full body portraits and stills, the light has more contrast and 30% more light output than traditional soft boxes. The light is very crisp and but soft.


For this on-location shoot, I used the ELC 1000, a very powerful strong, robust and compact unit. And to trigger the lights we used the build in sky port and on camera the Skyport Plus HS transmitter.

My light shapers are the Rotalux strip ligt with grids to avoid light spread, the main lite is on big Litemotiv with difusors and reflector plate  inside. For the background i used 2 ELC500 with background reflectors and jells.

Crispy light and sharp details

I used Litemotiv 150 cm to make the picture of Tom Dumolains Time trail bicycle. 

    The parabolic shape of the soft box is good  enouph to make details of the equipment.

      Maling details of the bicycle is time consuming. With a standard soft box you need to move it around and around to get the good details. But with the light-output 150 cm parabolic shape it covers the whole bicycle. It saves time and money,

        All about the details,

          Not only for a racing bicycle its important to look after the details. Also for Flash equipment is most important that everything works perfect. Always a constant color temperature and and flash output. The flash can be controlled with the Skyport. And the recycle time is very fast. This is necessary when you need to make lots of shots in a short periode of time.

          Giant Bicycles Team Sunweb 2017/2018

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